Can you help me identify these weeds?

Asked May 6, 2019, 6:40 PM EDT

These weeds have been proliferating in my yard since mid-April. I looked them up in Home and Garden and the closest match I could find is Annual Bluegrass or Poa Annua. Is there anything I can do to hold them in check or eliminate them now? Or do I have to apply a pre-emergent in Aug/Sep to catch them before they germinate for the next growing season next year. My neighbors have these as well but they cut their grass so short that you can't see the top white heads like you can see on mine. I have had to hold off the cutting the grass due to the excessive rain we have had. I plan to mow the lawn tomorrow to about 3.5" in height. Thanks,

Talbot County Maryland

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This is annual bluegrass, which grows commonly in MD lawns. It is going to seed which it does this time of year. It usually dies out and is less noticeable after seed production. Some do consider a weed but it is not one of the more problematic lawn weeds. It tends to like the wetter, shadier areas of a yard where the soil is compacted.
If you have a substantial amount of it in your lawn collect and dispose of the clippings while it is going to seed. After that, you should let the clippings decompose naturally on your lawn.
There are no good choices of herbicides to selectively to manage it. Please see the following information from our website for more information,