Pond in front

Asked May 6, 2019, 5:34 PM EDT

I have a problem with water flooding my front yard. I have called and done everything I know to do. I called the county drain commission and they said my sewer drain was the problem. Rented a 100 ft snake ran it down the drain nothing. Drain was fine before and after. Called Michigan Plumbing the said I could dig down where the water is accumulating and put up a black pipe and they would connect a air blower to a fan and blow out whatever is clogged. 550.00 and it might work or might not. Had 3 plumbers come at different times 1 said call BWL and tell them the water coming into the house is busted. They came tested the water and said the water outside is ground water. Another plumber said I connected at a angle to my sub pump. I ask where my storm sewer was it’s straight at the curb in front of the house. Another plumber said call and excavator which told me without knowing where the water is coming from it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I have emptied buckets and buckets of water only to get up the next day and they are full again. I hope there is not a stream or pond under my house waiting to sink my house. I wonder if there is anything you can help me out with or who to call to fix this problem. There is a pond across the street from my house could it be supplying all this water? It’s a lot of water it never seems to stop. I have two holes and the water runs uphill fr uphillandwhere I empty it out.

Ingham County Michigan

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Have you contacted your county Health Department? They may have some ideas on what is the problem. What type of water are you on - city or well water? Are you or were you ever on well water? You may have an old well that hasn't been capped properly. When did the problem first occur?

I spoke to my contact at our County HD and she suggested it might be a broken water line since the two holes line up in the yard. It might also be an underground well that is flowing. But start with your Health Dept. They are miracle workers!