Wild Flower and Native grass seeds

Asked May 6, 2019, 5:27 PM EDT

Master Gardeners: Good morning! As one of your personnel suggested, I have topically-administered white and red clover seeds onto my clay-based, mossy-grass “lawn” and they are taking hold….amazing!!! I now have another area that is a "leafy mat” that I am degrading/dethatching-microbially, to produce a mulch. Can you recommend some hardy, fast growing wild flower seeds or native grass seeds that I can simply topically-broadcast onto the surface? Appreciate your help! Best, Stew

Hennepin County Minnesota native plants

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Hi Stew,
This will depend on if the area is more sun or shade and if it is a large area or small? Are you thinking of a taller prairie style effect or a mass of one thing?

Here are some links to get you thinking, there are many prairie seed mixtures available now that will grow well. Most have more fast growing flowers that will look good while the slower native grasses mature.

Here is a good native plant and seed supplier that has good information on the site to help you select.