Cat poop in raised beds

Asked May 6, 2019, 11:15 AM EDT

We plan on using lime to neutralize our soil due to strays using it for a liter box. How long should you wait to plant veggies?

Lane County Oregon cat raised bed gardening animal feces

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That becomes a veterinary question. In most cases dog and cat poop is not recommended for composting or used in a garden areas due to similarities to humans, plus parasites, toxins, E. coli and nitrates.

Exclusion - fencing, wires, to keep the pecky critters out. Maybe dig area that they CAN use but then you are attracting them to your yard. Planting catnip in an area far from the raised beds.

The electronic sprinklers work quite well; using zoo doo works for several weeks; rotten duck eggs work well but then you don't want to get near the raised beds.

Lime does do a good job of neutralizing the smell.

The dog and cat -be-gones really don't work very well.

Transplant into the raised beds large plants, thus leaving no room for them to dig.

Plant a thick row of veggies, then place down the fiber weed barriers, not allowing for any bare soil or less bare soil.

An unofficial osu rec is to place lots of upside down plastic forks in areas of open soil.

Cats and dogs cause untold sanitary issues in raised beds and not very many GOOD solutions.