Juniper Browning Out

Asked May 6, 2019, 11:06 AM EDT

The ends of the branches on our Juniper are browning out. What are the cause(s) and what should be done to correct this? I did treat it with a Disease, Insect & Mite Control product.

Wayne County Michigan

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There may be several reasons for browning such as drought, poor drainage, root problems, competition for moisture and nutrients with other plants in the area, disease or insects, rodents/rabbits chewing bark from branch.

Here are some pictures of some of these issues- take a close look, perhaps with a magnifier on the needles and stems, and compare-

For a small fee you may submit samples that show both green and browning needles to MSU Plant Diagnostic lab. Include pictures of the shrubs-

Lastly, hiring a certified arborist who comes on site and examines the whole planting and gives you an action plan may be the most direct way to go- find them by zip code here-

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