Japanese maple too large

Asked May 6, 2019, 10:55 AM EDT

The previous owner planted a weeping style red Japanese maple. It was planted in a small garden that is shared by my neighbor and I, and has grown too large. If we cut the branches off of the tree, leaving only the trunk, will the new branches that come out be like a regular red maple tree.? We would prefer it to grow upright instead of in the weeping style. Is there any other way to make the tree less wide in this small garden? Thank you

Howard County Maryland pruning japanese maple tree

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The weeping Japanese maple looks beautiful and this is the natural form of the plant. You can do some selective pruning of the tree now to keep it from getting out of bounds. If you prune to a single stem, it will look shrubby and will not get to the form you are looking for. Most likely you will be disappointed.