Help! Flies and sticky leaves

Asked May 6, 2019, 8:14 AM EDT

I have a grapefruit plant I started from seed back when I lived in NY. He came with me to DE but before the move, developed a fly problem. They are small and black and I see them crawling all over the soil. He also started getting sticky, both leaves and stem. The leaves are curling. Now all my vegetable pots are infested too. I’ve been setting apple cider vinegar traps which only helps slightly. Are there’s root rot flies? How do I get rid of them. Help please!

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

The picture does not provide useful images for diagnosing the which flies you may have on your plant. The flies are most likely associated with excessively moist potting media (probably a fungus gnat). If it is a fruit fly I cannot tell, but would guess not since the apple cider isn't catching many. I would need to have a sample brought into the New Castle county extension office.

Is the plant an indoor plant? Are grapefruits produced? If so, are they consumed?The stickiness is not from the flies but an insect on the leaves or stems. My first thought would be aphids and if not aphids then a soft scale. For accurate diagnosis of your problem a sample should be brought into the New Castle county extension office or your closest extension office if this isn't the closest (going off location identified in the question).