Robin best one egg

Asked May 5, 2019, 2:24 PM EDT

I just noticed a Robin's nest sitting on our deck railing with one egg in it. It's not in a protected place. I haven't been out there much because of the weather but really don't know how i missed it. How long does it take for a Robin to build a nest? We're expecting bad weather tonight so I hope they will be ok :(

Dodge County Wisconsin

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Robin eggs incubate for between 12 and 14 days, followed by a couple of weeks until the nestlings fledge and leave the nest. If the egg in the nest was exposed, it will likely have chilled and will not be viable. It would be odd for them to have built the nest in the open like that. I would suspect someone found the nest on the ground, it having fallen out of a tree or shrub, and placed in on your deck railing. In any case, even if the egg & nest are being used, unless you avoid the deck and area entirely for the next several weeks (incubation and nestling period), it is highly unlikely the brood will succeed. Robin pairs will often nest again if the first early attempt fails. That's nature. I would suggest you remove the nest and egg, so the pair will move on. That will allow them to find a more successful location and raise a new brood.