Buttercup control

Asked May 4, 2019, 4:56 PM EDT

How do I eradicate buttercups in pasture with cattle organically?

Charles County Maryland

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Good afternoon,

There is no silver bullet to eliminate buttercups, and it is more challenging without the use of herbicides since there are no selective herbicides that are OMRI listed for use in organic production. However, anything that you do to improve the health of the desired pasture species will reduce weeds by outcompeting them. This includes fertilizing based on soil test recommendations, reducing overgrazing in high traffic areas and tilling followed by reseeding in compacted, heavily infested areas in late summer.


If you want further information on pasture management, feel free to contact Amanda Grev, Pasture Management Specialist at 301 432-2767 x339 or agrev@umd.edu