One branch with fruit, one wihout

Asked May 4, 2019, 9:04 AM EDT

My persimmon tree started to give fruit last year, but suddenly drop all after couple months, hundreds and hundreds of them until only 1 left. I notice that my plant have 2 branches, 1 bearing lots of fruit, the other one just some. This year, the same, but the other that bear couple now even less, only 1 or 2. Both branch about 8 feets. Should I cut the one branch that not giving fruit, or if not, what should I do to improve productivity? I bought 2 grafted tree, dead after 1St winter and regrown new braches, 1 was notice not persimmon after regrown was digged out, the one left survived the next 2-3 winter and started to bear fruit last year but all dropped after couple months only left 1 to ripe. Please advice! I'm afraid the plant will do the same thing this year.

Ocean County New Jersey

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Some fruit trees are grafted on sturdy root stock for better tree health. That means that the base of the tree and the top of the tree are actually different. Any branches that come out from below that graft union or knot, will not be the type that produce fruit. I recommend cutting off the branch that does not produce fruit. Prune at the trunk, but leave a very slight branch stub where it swells or gets larger,, don't cut flat against the trunk.
Prune the top of the tree after it bears fruit this year, trying to leave two or three good healthy branches that have come out of the top portion of your tree above that graft knot. Those branches should produce your fruit next year and then continue to branch. This way you will get the good fruit top portion of the tree to grow healthy.

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