boxwood damage

Asked May 3, 2019, 3:44 PM EDT

The article on boxwood blight is several years old. Has boxwood blight been identified in Michigan? We have several in our yard. This spring 2 or 3 of them have areas around 5-6 inches across near the bottom 1/2 of the plant where the foliage is dead and brown. Not just on the ends more typical of winter damage. Is there any treatment I should apply? Thankyou, John Bavin

Jackson County Michigan boxwood decline

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Boxwood blight is a leaf spot disease that causes rapid defoliation. Brown dead foliage hanging on the plant is not a symptom. It has been found in Michigan. A very good article on it can be found with pictures of the disease at: We had low temperatures this past winter that are very hard on boxwoods. I would wait to see what sprouts back and trim out all the weak and dead. If the roots are alive and well it will spout back with vigor. Boxwood blight would cause severe leaf drop on plants. Plants with this disease should be removed and burned, buried, or double bagged for disposal. If you do have the symptoms described in the article linked above, it would be good to get a sample to the MSU Extension office in Jackson for further evaluation. 1715 Lansing Ave. Jackson. 517 788-4292