whats wrong with my rhododendron?

Asked May 3, 2019, 1:14 PM EDT

Can you help? My rhododendron has not flowered for a while (maybe couple of years) but its still growing and full. on a whole the leaves are green and healthy. The buds are dark and and look rotton and the stems dont look too healthy. What can I do or is it too late? Im in England so I was wondering whether its due to a bad winter?

Outside United States

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Thanks for contacting us about your rhododendron. I'm afraid we don't have an expert in your location, and my knowledge of rhododendrons is limited. It would be best to find a horticultural expert near you at a horticultural society or botanical garden.

I did find a related question that sounds similar to yours. You may find some useful information in question # 551419:

I hope this information is helpful.