commercial potting soil issues

Asked May 3, 2019, 10:25 AM EDT

Hi there! Every year I do lots of research before buying healthy potting soil for my plants, mostly organic herbs. This kind of soil seems to be too rich for some herbs like sage and lavender, or does not drain well enough. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Washtenaw County Michigan potting soil

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You did not say if you are growing plants in a garden or in a container. If growing them in a garden the best thing you can do is make sure you have good organic matter in the soil. Whether soil is clay or sand organic matter can improve both extremes. Even if you bring in bags of top soil to add to your garden and usually this is not necessary unless top soil was removed when houses were first built. Soils need about 5% organic matter and this allows plants to obtain more nutrients from the soil, provides better drainage in clay or holds more moisture in sand. Organic matter builds the soil structure. Additions of leaves and grass can be added in the fall that will be broken down by worms and other organisms helping to release nutrients and improve soil structure. You may want to also get a soil test to see what nutrients are available and what is lacking. If you are growing herbs in containers you can add perlite to improve drainage or "course sand". See the following information: You can also call our MSU Extension Lawn & Garden hotline 888 678-3464.

Thank you for all this good info, Robert! Next time I'll be sure to include more details with my question!

Have a good day Margaret!