bind weed - ugh

Asked May 3, 2019, 9:49 AM EDT

We have lived in our home for 11 years. About 4 years ago we noticed a small patch of bind weed. My husband started using Roundup (I know, I hate it) and now the bind weed has spread, at least twice as wide in area. What is happening, how can we get rid of it or at least control it so it doesn't spread more, and where did it come from?

Denver County Colorado

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Unfortunately, there is no easy or magic solution. You have to be persistent and keep after it until the root is exhausted. Whether you pick it or poison it, the key is never letting it push enough new foliage to reinvigorate its root.

This is not research-based, but I can offer you my own experience with some bindweed that crept over from the neighbor's yard. I poked a hole in the bottom of a plastic bag and threaded the bindweed up through the hole into the bag. I added a little rock to weigh the bag down, then spritzed a little Round-up into the bag onto the bindweed, sealed the whole arrangement up with a twist-tie, and left it sitting there (sort of like a poisonous mini-greenhouse or, possibly, a jellyfish perched in the garden). The top growth died back and after a couple weeks, I tossed it and the bag. Whether it really succeeded or not I don't know, but it seemed to kill the plant deeply because it didn't come back for a decade.

FYI fall is an excellent time to use herbicides on bindweed.