Identify a tree problem

Asked May 2, 2019, 2:33 PM EDT

I have a small type of maple tree in my front yard. I thought it was an Amur, but it gets yellow fall color. Sections of it keeps dying, usually on one side of the tree. Some of the sections that are dead have a very few tiny leaves still. I’ve read that it could be root girdling. Can someone come look at it? Thank you!

Kenton County Kentucky

1 Response

Thank you for checking with us at Extension. I would be happy to do some troubleshooting with you.
Amur maple should get a great red fall color, but let's take a look.
Please send me some digital photos of the tree, including a images of the whole tree from two -three different angles; a few shots of the trunk where it meets the ground, also from a couple of different angles; and a few photos of the leaves where there are both good and dead areas. Please get the best possible focus you can, as I might need to enlarge the images on my computer.