japanese knotweed

Asked May 2, 2019, 11:58 AM EDT

My subdivision has a patch of Japanese Knotweed. I've seen on the internet that it's a very invasive weed. It looks like the DIY method of removing is difficult and time consuming. I'm hoping to get some contacts from you for companies/contractors/landscapers/etc. that do Knotweed removal work or can advise me on how to eradicate it.

Oakland County Michigan

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You are correct that Japanese Knotweed is an invasive that is challenging to eradicate. As is usual with invasives, a multi-pronged long term approach is the most effective.
Below is a link that will provide you with more info about identifying this invasive and the multiple control methods suggested. No one method will work but all together can prove effective.
I can speak from experience since I had this in my yard. We had a fork lift remove the main plants, then covered it with heavy mil plastic (for several years) and also used a Glyphosate product (such as Roundup) on any small shoots that came up in the yard. If using a chemical product, make sure it states that it is effective on Japanese Knotweed.
Also be aware that if plants are removed, they cannot just be thrown in yard waste that is not composted since the new growth occurs from any small piece of the plant.
Hope that helps and good luck!