native plants in shade on north side of building that rabbits won't eat?

Asked May 1, 2019, 3:48 PM EDT

That pretty much sums my question up :) Thank you. Anne

Kent County Michigan

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Hey Anne,

There is probably no rabbit “proof” plants but there is rabbit “resistant” plants. Bunnies like to taste plants and leave them laying on the ground. Here are some shade natives that could work depending on whether your soil, moisture, and light meet the plants requirements.

  • Canadian wild ginger Asarum canadense
  • Sweet woodruff Gallium oderatum
  • Solomon seal Polygonatum spp.
  • Pennsylvania sedge carex pensylvanica
  • Blue-stem goldenrod Solidago caesia
  • Bleeding heart dicentra eximia
  • Heuchera Heuchera americana
I hope this helps,


The wild ginger is doing very well in the shade garden. Thank you.
I have another question- which mulch is better in the native gardens? The church I assist with is offering either uncolored shredded bark or uncolored shredded hardwood.

The bark mulch is usually preferred; however, it will break down faster.
I hope this helps,