New Asparagus Bed

Asked April 30, 2019, 9:35 AM EDT

I just relocated a raised bed garden and want to dedicate it to asparagus. It's about 13' X 5' and about 4" - 8" deep. (It's built on a slope.) The soil is a mix of clay and loam and has been amended with compost over the past 10 years. The soil came from and older, raised bed that I had to move because my neighbor's pine trees blocked most of the sun. 1. Today is the last of April. Is it too late to plant new asparagus crowns? 2. The seed companies are out of stock for the Jersey Knight Giants that I wanted to plant. 3. Should I plant another crop of say, green beans, etc. now, and then plant asparagus in the fall? 4. What type of asparagus do you recommend? The new bed gets full sun most of the day. 5. What soil amendments would be good to add for asparagus? I'm not a strict organic gardener, but prefer to use organic/natural fertilizers. 6. How many crowns/plants should i put in that space? I am a moderately experience gardener, but would appreciate any advice you can share with me. Thank you!

Frederick County Maryland

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Hi- it's not too late to plant if you find an all-male cultivar that you like. If you do buy and plant crowns now be sure to keep them well-watered during the growing season. Asparagus crowns are not typically available in the fall. Any of the all-male hybrid cultivars will grow well in MD.

Add 2-4 inches of compost to the bed to improve soil structure and increase fertility. You could plant two rows in your raised bed with 18 inches between crowns for a total of 18 plants. Please read our web page on asparagus: