Hot pepper Vinegar

Asked April 30, 2019, 8:36 AM EDT

I made a spicy vinegar by soaking habanero peppers in 5% vinegar, added a garlic clove, and put it into a small hot sauce bottle. Is there any reason to worry about food poisoning? And how long will this last? Refrigerator or pantry? Thank you.

Oakland County Michigan

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Hi, Vinegars are shelf stable when left in the pantry, however - you have introduced some other ingredients to this without processing (canning), so I would treat this vinegar as you would pickled items. USDA recommends keeping pickled items for 1-3 months after opening if left in the refrigerator, for quality. Food Safety risks are low with acidic products such as vinegar, but by refrigerating according to this timeline, you should be safe. Thanks for checking.