Direction raised bed goes

Asked April 29, 2019, 4:06 PM EDT

I am in Milwaukie with a brand new raised bed about 3 feet high by 8 feet long. I thought when planting eggies they should run east to west so the container should run lengthwise along eat/west. Am i correct? Im growing tomatoes and flowers mostly. Thank you very very much Bettie

Multnomah County Oregon raised bed gardening

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The directional orientation of your raised beds generally should not matter. However, if you want to enhance air movement through your plants, you can try arranging the beds so the longer sides run east to west. This would take advantage of prevailing winds. Improved air movement through vegetable plantings helps reduce the occurrence of foliar diseases, because the foliage dries more quickly.

Whether you run your rows north and south or east and west is really up to you. I would recommend running them in the way that takes advantage of the slope of the land. If you have a gentle slope that runs from north to south, then run your rows north and south to help facilitate even watering. If you are on a flat piece of land, then run your rows in the way that gives you the most protection from the wind. All garden areas need 8+ hours of sun.