Gathering Bamboo

Asked April 29, 2019, 2:21 PM EDT

I would love to cut some invasive bamboo for use (dried and dead) as sustainable plant poles, etc in my home gardening. I see so much along paths in state parks, and I have always wondered if I am allowed to cut it out, as it is invasive and harmful. Is there any guidance to whether or not this is allowed? Do I need to get permission from the state or the park ranger to do so? Thanks, EM

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

Hi- yes, please contact the specific county or state park where the bamboo is growing to ask permission to cut and remove. Invasive running bamboo can also be found along many public right-of-ways (not on parkland). Again, it's always advisable to ask for permission.

You may spy bamboo growing in neighbors' backyards. They may be more than happy to have you remove some culms.