Canada Thistle In Juniper Beds

Asked April 29, 2019, 1:29 PM EDT

Not a question, but, I read your Q & A in the Baltimore Sun this past weekend on removing thistle from Juniper beds. You're right. You certainly can't pull it, and applying a systemic herbicide is difficult, to say the least, so as to avoid killing the junipers. I had this very problem and was overrun with thistle that I could not control, until I used Lontrel. Kills the thistle after a few weeks and a little overspray doesn't seem to hurt the juniper.

Baltimore County Maryland

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We are aware of Lontrel and it's active ingredient Clopyralid, but it is not a pesticide that we can recommend for homeowner use.
It is not registered for residential use (the label is law) and can only be purchased and applied by certified pesticide applicators.
It is used by farmers and commercial turf and landscape companies (applied to crop fields, pasture fields, commercial turf, and roads and right-of-ways.)

Besides legality, we always suggest the most environmentally sound, least toxic method for control of weeds/pests/diseases- an I.P.M approach.
It is long-lasting in the environment, and has been problematic in the past.
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