Lawn vermin

Asked April 29, 2019, 8:59 AM EDT

I have animal pests on my lawn, but I am not sure what they are, and I can’t find anyone to identify or treat him. Trapping companies say they don’t do it and that I should call lawn care people. Lawn care people say that they don’t do it and I should call trapping companies. The evidence began a year or more ago. I had a large, 4 inch wide hole in one of the plant beds that has mulch. When I stick something into the hole, there is no end to it. I also had a couple of other holes that were smaller, but also clearly tunnels that go pretty far. This winter all of my spider plants seem to have been eaten, or some healthy diet. Help. What can I do? What do I have and how do I get rid of them ? Thank you

Montgomery County Maryland

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One possibility for the holes in your lawn might be a groundhog. They dig holes that are larger than a softball and create burrows where they nest and raise their young. They also will eat a variety of plants around a garden. This is a general guide to diagnosing holes in a yard.

Take a look at our website for information on dealing with groundhogs.

There is a wildlife hotline you can call for assistance with nuisance wildlife. The phone number is 1-877-463-6497.