Creeping Charlie and fertilizer

Asked April 28, 2019, 10:29 PM EDT

What do I do first spray my creeping Charlie or fertilize? Any hints on getting rid of creeping Charlie

Hennepin County Minnesota creeping charlie

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Fertilize and control creeping Charlie in the fall. Be persistent. It will take about 3 years if you have a lot of Creeping Charlie growing in your lawn because if it has flowered in the past it will also have dropped seed. Surveillance is a critical piece of long term management, especially if it is growing in the neighbors yard. I speak from experience because I bought a house with a lawn that was more than 75% Creeping Charlie. My neighbor does nothing to control it and I pull out plants that have crept over each year. I only used Weed Free Zone on my lawn twice the first season I decided to eradicate it. Any new plants have been pulled out. Creeping charlie can be difficult to eradicate once it has overgrown much of the turf area in your yard as you know. The good news is that it is best treated in autumn. At that time of year, the turf grasses are shutting down for the season while the creeping charlie is still active, meaning it will take up weed killer readily. The website below provides complete information about control of creeping charlie.