Is this poisonous?

Asked April 28, 2019, 7:26 PM EDT

Hi, I found it this morning in my garden. It turns immediately yellow on the cutting lines and smells a bit like bitter almond. Is this the Prince and is it edible? I’m from Sydney

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Without inspecting it with a microscope, I can't say that it is Agaricus augustus, the Prince. Species of Agaricus have pinkish gills on the underside of the cap when they are young, and when fully mature the gills are chocolate brown from the spores they produce. From your photo, the gills look white rather than pink. If for some reason you decide to eat it, be advised that many people are allergic to some species of Agaricus, getting diarrhea or upset stomachs. And if this isn't an Agaricus, no telling what could happen. If you can find more mature specimens with pink or brown gills, send a photo in.

Thanks for your response Steve. I’ll send a photo if I find another one.


It is possible that this is an Amanita, there are some species which come out in the spring and have only white gills. Many Amanitas are poisonous, so please don't try to eat it under any circumstances until we can get a look at mature gills.