Supplier of native plants/grasses

Asked April 28, 2019, 6:19 PM EDT

Can you please provide a vendor list of native green houses. I have a 540 sq ft plot around my house I’d like to plant in native grasses and prairie flowers

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Some Native Plant suppliers that come to mind are:

Prairie Restorations

Glacial Ridge


Outback Nursery

Minnesota Native Landscapes

Prairie Moon

Most of these are outside the immediate metro area. Most all will ship. Glacial Ridge will deliver your order to the St. Paul Farmers’ Market. I believe they have a booth there.

You might keep an eye out for local native sales. I know Burnsville is having a native Plant Sale on May 18th from 9-12 at the Burnsville City Center. The sale is open to the public.

Most major Garden Centers (Gerten's, Bachmann's, etc.) usually carry some native plants.