Holes, Spots, and White Flecks on Fiddle Leaf Fig

Asked April 28, 2019, 5:48 PM EDT

My small fiddle leaf fig is producing new leaves, but I've noticed holes in the leaves, along with brown spots on the undersides of the leaves and a white powdery substance on the leaves as well. I was suspecting spider mites, but I haven't been able to confirm. What's the source of this issue, and how can I treat it? Thanks!

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

We looked at your photos. This does not look like spider mites or insect damage. This brown areas looks like leaf spots. We recommend that you focus on proper care. No chemical control is recommended. The fiddle leaf fig can be tricky to grow indoors. The fiddle leaf fig in particular grows best in bright but filtered light (avoid setting in direct sun to avoid leaf burn), slightly cooler night temperatures (~65F), and evenly moist soil. Do not overwater. Here is more information from the U of Illinois and other links