Something eats the leaves on my Lilac Bush every year starting around the middle of the summer

Asked April 28, 2019, 2:29 PM EDT

Hello, I live in Deschutes County and I have a Lilac bush that is growing really well and has bloomed for the past few years now, but every year about the middle of the summer something eats the leaves on my lilac bush every year shortly after it blooms. Can you possibly tell me what is doing the eating and what I can purchase that isn't too expensive to stop what ever is eating my lilac bush leaves? Thank you, Teresa

Deschutes County Oregon

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Thank you for your question, Teresa. It is almost impossible to identify an insect and suggest a control mechanism without seeing the insect or at least the damage it has done. There are numerous insects that feed on shrub leaves. The ones you have could be beetles, weevils and/or caterpillars. Know that if you kill the caterpillar, you will prevent it from becoming a butterfly or moth. If they are beetles or weevils which live in the soil, and feed at night, you can wrap sticky tape or Tanglefoot around the trunk to keep them from reaching the leaves. Insects need to eat, too!

So, perhaps you can write back once you see this year's damage, and we'll be better able to suggest something. Good luck!