Udder Edema vs Mastitis

Asked April 28, 2019, 9:19 AM EDT

How do I know if my goat has edema or mastitis? She kidded 6 days ago but her bag is hard though giving a small amount of milk which is not clumpy or stringy. She kidded triples but has since lost two. I have been supplementing the remaining kid with 4 oz. twice a day. I don't want use mastitis drugs if not necessary. Please help. Thank you.

Becker County Minnesota

1 Response

You need to contact your veterinarian as any treatments would require medications that are not labeled for use in goats. Based on your description I would expect a mastitis issue in this case. You need continue supplement feeding the remaining kid or bottle raise it as she is not producing enough milk to take care of them. This can be seen in animals that became infected during dry-off last year or had other issues. It is important to get her properly diagnosed and treated.