Rose rosette disease resistant roses

Asked April 28, 2019, 7:48 AM EDT

I removed 3 knock out roses with RRD 2 seasons ago and want to replant roses this year. I have two questions. 1 Is there any other cultivated rose beside Top Gun by Weeks that has shown resistance? 2. I grow Tansy (tanacetum vulgare) in the same bed. Is there any data that points to Tansy as a harbinger of RRD?

Sussex County Delaware

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Following the jump of rose rosette virus from multiflora rose to cultivated rose, we have found very few that have any resistance to the rose rosette disease (RRD). University of Delaware is a part of a group of universities working on developing and testing new cultivars and making new crosses looking for some sources of resistance. Resistant cultivars will still be a few years out on the horizon for the commercial trade. I have no experience with 'Top gun' but it may be worth a try. Some of the old shrub roses and trellis roses also appear to have good resistance. There are few insecticides to use against the mite that spreads the virus, since it is a mite and technically not an insect so insecticides are not effective.
If you want to replant a rose bed, I suggest placing a barrier of a row of evergreen shrubs on the side that the wind blows from because there is so much natural infection out in the landscape and the mites blow in the wind. Prune out any symptoms the first year, and if the symptoms come back a second year, remove the plants.
Rose rosette disease will not go to tansy. The virus affects only Rosa species.

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