Shrubs dying - why and treatment?

Asked April 27, 2019, 2:36 PM EDT

Hi - some of the shrubs in front of our home are dying. I'm trying to rectify if possible. There are two shrubs affected: One taller one which I believe is Lilac family and a second smaller one I do not know the name. The Lilac-like one started to die midway last summer, which was a super wet season. I was hoping it would recover this year. It just got worse as the problem has spread. You can see from the leaves there is new growth this season, but they are now dying from what appears to be a disease. Or is it insects? The smaller one is first in a row of shrubs and nearest to Lilac. Maybe the disease has spread to it? Would appreciate some guidance.

Montgomery County Maryland

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The shrub on the left looks like a Pieris japonica. This looks like lacebug damage on the foliage. Lacebugs are sucking insects. Damage first appears as white stippling or tiny white spots. These spots later merge and leaves turn yellow. Also look for black or brown fecal spots they deposit on the undersides of leaves. Plants grown in full sun show the most damage. See our website for more information and management

Middle and right photos - shows dead plants and we cannot identify them. Once the shrubs are dead there is no way to know what may have killed them. Possible reasons may be poor drainage, poor planting techniques,
excessive mulch, insect or disease issues. Once you notice symptoms send us
photos so we can identify what you may be dealing with.