Carpenter bee issues

Asked April 27, 2019, 1:22 PM EDT

Since moving into our house 2 years ago I have noticed a lot of carpenter bees around the facia of our porch. This spring I took a closer look and realized there are roughly two dozen round holes where they are going in. And I hear what I assume are larvae inside making a wood-gnawing sound. I tried some YouTube remedies by making a wood block with holes attached to a mason jar that becomes a trap. I’ve placed two but with no results. My question is how do I encourage them to move to trees rather than my porch facia? Do I need to plug the holes? If so will the return? Or how to discourage them from returning? Thanks.

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

The adults are making the sounds by chewing tunnels but they do not eat the wood. You cannot discourage the bees from coming back or moving. They come back to the same place and follow the grain of the wood. Plugging up the holes will not help.
We recommend that you replace the fascia now before they do more damage and make sure it is well painted. Here is our website on carpenter bees