Tiny beetles in my house

Asked April 27, 2019, 2:34 AM EDT

I've started seeing very tiny bugs in my house, mostly in my bedroom. They're a bit smaller than sugar ants with some being about the size of a speck of dirt. Seem to be nocturnal and attracted to light. What are they? Note: pics are these bugs magnified 40x.

Arizona insect identification

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To find the most appropriate individual to answer your question, what state and county do you reside? Thanks! Ruth

I live in Arizona

The insects in the pictures are false chinch bug nymphs (immature bugs). They develop on winter annual plants, often in extremely high numbers (sometimes in the millions where the winter annual plants are dense). As those plants mature and start to senesce, they become less desirable or unsuitable as a food source for the developing nymphs, at which time the bugs will migrate away from the plants on which they were developing. My guess it that your home is adjacent to an undeveloped parcel of land from which these nymphs are migrating. An exterior, insecticidal, foundation spray should resolve the problem of the nymphs entering your home.