Making Thermal Compost

Asked April 26, 2019, 5:23 PM EDT

How much blood meal would it take (pounds or volume measurement) to equal the amount of nitrogen found in 100 pounds of purchased compost? The purchased compost is not straight nitrogen, it's got bedding, etc. I'm going to make 3 compost piles with different sources for heat to create a thermal compost. Previously I have used Lane Forest Products "Chicken Compost" to create a hot compost piles. They no longer carry/create that product, they now have what they call Barnyard Compost. I made a pile with the Barnyard Compost using methods and amounts that I learned years ago form Lane County Master Composter's (except I used twice as much Barnyard Compost compared to the old chicken compost). It never got above 120 degrees (I would reach between 140-155 degrees using the old chicken compost. I need to go above 130 degrees. for each of 3 turns. I'm going to experiment with 3 piles (all having the same ingredients) using Rexius Steer Plus Compost in one, Stutzman Farms Chicken compost in another and blood meal in the 3rd to create heat. How much blood meal do you think I should use to be equivalent to 100 pounds of bought compost?

Lane County Oregon

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