Juniper Blight

Asked April 26, 2019, 4:48 PM EDT

Is this Juniper blight? Phomopsis or Kabatina? i'm thinking Kabatina, is there any effective fungicide? How should I treat this?

Harford County Maryland

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It could be Phomopsis or Kabatina, but you might also be looking at a secondary pathogen that has taken hold of a dead stem. This type of browning and dieback could be a symptom of vole damage or root rot as well -- not necessarily a fungal disease. Check around the base of the plant to see if there is any sign of chewing damage or physical injury. Has there been any standing water in the area of your Juniper -- especially last year when we had excessive rainfall? Junipers do not like "wet feet". In saturated soil, their roots can decline and decay.

With Phomopsis blight, sunken dark lesions called cankers are formed at the junction of live and dead wood. Management for Phomopsis and Kabatina is similar -- prune out the affected twigs in early spring to reduce the chance for fungal inoculum to spread to new growth. Here is more information on the two Juniper twig blights.