White bugs in organic soil

Asked April 26, 2019, 6:18 AM EDT

I noticed lots of these little white bugs in soil recently put into a herb garden ... are they harmful to my herbs?

Outside United States soil insects

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Thank you for your question. Without knowing your whereabouts, or where you got the soil, I can only surmise they are a grub for some insect. I cannot tell from you photos how big they are. Like all grubs (and caterpillars), at some point they are going to need to eat, and your plants are a likely target. Beetles are some of the most common insects to have this life stage in soil. I’m sorry I cannot be more helpful.

Hi - thank you a I am in the South of France on the coast. I purchased the soil in bags at a local organic garden centre. The bugs are around 1cm long and curl up in to small ball shape. I noticed them amongst my damp seedlings after a heavy dew. I removed as many as I could see. The earth has dried now and they are not at the surface. I assume they have bur beneath the soil nowbeneath

Thank you. They are undoubtedly further in the soil. I would return to the store, show them the pictures, and ask them to contact the distributor for information. Good luck!