Scotch Broom Control

Asked April 25, 2019, 8:21 PM EDT

A local landowner has a 3 year old Douglas-fir plantation and Scotch Broom is growing up into it. They would like to control the Scotch broom and read in the weed management handbook about glyphosate control. There was also a mention of a surfactant to make it more effective. They have about 30 acres of clearcut and will be doing this with a backpack sprayer targeted to miss the fir trees, but control the Scotch broom. Where do you recommend they purchase Glyphosate, and can you suggest a surfactant as well?

Washington County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Here is an extensive article on scotch broom and its control: Glyphosate and the surfactant can be purchased at most garden stores. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!