Heirloom plum

Asked April 25, 2019, 5:31 PM EDT

My grandfather had a plum tree n his backyard in Tucson, AZ. The plums had a green skin with small black spots. The flesh was a very deep red and it was sweet with no bitterness and free stone. The tree was planted next to a cling plum that bore small red plums.

The closest we can find is the Satsuma plum but the skin is not the correct color. The green color of the skin was more like the green from bib lettuce.

I'm requesting help to determine what this plum was so I can acquire another one and relive me childhood memories of eating these and having their juice run down my arm.

Larimer County Colorado

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To find the most appropriate individual to answer your question, what state and county do you reside? Thanks! Ruth

I live in Fort Collins, Larimer county.


Well...the problem might be actually finding the tree, even if you properly identify what cultivar it was. A lot of the old fruit types have been replaced (improved) by newer cultivars. A search found the following to consider:

Green Gage
Emerald Beaut
Elephant Heart AKA "Blood Plum" (**seems the most likely)

If it is Elephant Heart, it's still on the market and you can purchase a tree; hardy from Zones 5-8.