stink bugs!!

Asked April 25, 2019, 3:03 PM EDT

My home is infested with stink bugs. I have been battling them for three years. Is there any way to eradicate them? I have caulked windows, under eaves, windows and doors. I have used chemicals but they are everywhere. What can be done, anything? Please help if you can. Thank you.

Marion County Oregon

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Brown marmorated stink bugs (aka BMSB, the technical name Halyomorpha halys) have been exasperating people ever since they arrived in Oregon. Even though they can damage up to 400 different plants, their house-invading habits take the #1 spot as a seriously annoying nuisance. Their invasions tend to be worst when houses are in, or adjacent to, a forested aware.

As you’ve discovered, caulking and sealing may fail because it’s impossible to locate all possible entries. Even so, several tactics can help limit them;

- A wet-dry shop vac can help when the bugs are particularly numerous.

- With time, naturally-occurring beneficial insects, the so-called samurai wasp, is thought to be able to limit BMSB populations. Currently, they are only distributed to a few selected sites.

- A simple light trap used at night can help decrease indoor populations: Add several drops of soap or dish an inch or two of water in a shallow foil roasting pan, Place a desk lamp nearby, turned on and shining on the water surface; repeat the next night.

Unfortunately, chemicals are ineffective.

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