Effect of high iron/manganese content on a newly seeded long

Asked April 25, 2019, 2:52 PM EDT

Greetings, We live in a rural area in the hills south of Salem and garden on Jory Clay soil. We get some sun, but have a lot of Douglas firs which shade part of the lawn. We are on a well which is currently having significant problems with iron (27 parts) and manganese. We are on a waiting list to have a new well drilled but it will probably be at least mid-June. We will also be having a new lawn put in. The landscaper wants to seed ASAP to take advantage of prospective rain, but we will also be facing watering with the water from our well. What is your guess as to how the iron/manganese will affect a new lawn? Thanks for any help. Diane Reynolds

Marion County Oregon

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I'll check with the turf specialist about the impact of the iron and manganese although I would assume the impacts would be minimal. We just this week re-seeded a section of our lawn on our acreage in Polk County and are using well water which is high in iron on that, as we have in the past without apparent effect. If you don't mind, please contact me directly at the email address below and we can discuss the response I get from Alec, the turf specialist. Thanks!