Poor leafing of Cherry trees

Asked April 25, 2019, 1:45 PM EDT

Have you heard about any diseases affecting local trees this year? I have lost a small blue spruce and all of my cherries blossomed, but very few leaves are coming out on some of them. I also noticed today along New Cut Rd at Glen Mar Church that some of their trees (they might be pin-oaks) look like they are suffering the same (few leaves). Attached photos show cherries in bloom, cherries with few emerging leaves, blue spruce taken 3/15. This tree is entirely dead now. Whatever it is, it killed it fast. All trees in the same vicinity. Thank you for any assistance. I don't want to lose the cherries!

Howard County Maryland

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In most instances, different tree species have different pest that are specialists on that species (especially a cherry and spruces which are not remotely related). There is no one disease or pest affecting the trees you mention.

Blue spruces do not thrive long in this region, because it is too hot and humid/wet. You'll notice as you drive around that virtually all blue spruce are dying from the bottom up from diseases.

We can't say from the photos why your cherry trees are not leafing out. You could try sending more photos clearly showing the base of the trees, and close ups of the branches and leaves for a diagnosis.