Asked April 25, 2019, 9:57 AM EDT

How can I prevent rabbits from chewing on my car wires?

Johnson County Wyoming

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Johnson County, This is a common problem especially if parked in a movement area, leaving cars parked for more than a week, of if the rabbits are expanding area. The general answer is that you must exclude the rabbits from the area where your car is parked or control the rabbit population. It should be noted that higher ground clearance vehicles, vehicles in garages and newer vehicles with an upgraded wire coating seem to get targeted less. We hav had similar issues with university vehicles causing thousands in repairs. Many times it comes from our parking areas which have rabbit habitat on both sides of the parking area. Try to minimize this by reducing cover and food (grass, flowering plants etc) on one side.
Parking in areas where dogs and cats frequent also helps. Thinning the rabbit population helps.In worst case scenario you can temporaily off the rabbits an alternative food, but they often chew on wires while taking cover under vehicles from predators or distubances. You might consider placing a motion reactive owl or small animal deterrent device near your parking. Keep vegetation low and thin at the very least. Our only feasible option was to reduce rabbit corridors on both sides of parking areas and allow dogs in the area. Chemical deterrents and lites do not seem to work.