Selecting an apple tree

Asked April 24, 2019, 9:12 PM EDT

A friend of ours has taken a class on grafting apple trees and in that class they actually did some grafting. Now he is asking if we want any of these trees. He lives in Iowa, so I immediately was worried if these trees would be hardy for our Twin Cities area (Bloomington). The varieties are : Baldwin, Crimson Beauty, and Pomme de Anis. He also mentioned that they are on a 50% size root stock. Since, we have never heard of these apples, we looked on the U of M website but didn't see any of these apples listed, which makes us more worried!!! Can you help us decide if planting these apples is worth our time or not????

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Baldwin is listed as a zone 5 tree. Okay for Iowa but not Hennepin County. Crimson Beauty is extremely hardy growing in zone 2 (Canada). The only reference to Pomme de Anis I can find is a very old comment that it is a weak tree with small apples. I cannot find any orchard that offers it for sale. Also, the 50% size root stock will still give you a very large tree. Try to remember the old apple trees you have seen in the country. Even at 50% it will be very large. It is your decision but I personally would not try any of them.