Peach Trees

Asked April 24, 2019, 4:25 PM EDT

I want to plant some peach trees in Hillsdale county. What kind do you recommend and where can I get them? When is a good time to plant?

Hillsdale County Michigan where to buy peach trees

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Peaches commonly found in garden center are Redhaven, Redskin, Elberta. MSU Extension Fruit Educator, Bill Shane. Put together a great article of fruit for Michigan with a section on Peaches. Be aware that some are self-fruitful like Redhaven. See his discussion on peaches at:
Fruit trees can be purchased through online orders and through local garden centers. Make sure if buying online that they are meant to grow in colder climates. Spring is a good time to plant. If you can plant by mid-spring you should get good root growth before summer heat sets in. Make sure to keep peach trees watered during dry conditions , especially when fruit is developing. We do not provide a list of nurseries. Go online for the southwestern Michigan to see what is available and where. I would call ahead to see what varieties they carry and current supply.

What do you mean when you say "self fruitful" when referring to Red Haven peaches?

Red Haven is self pollinating. This tree can produce fruit from its own pollen. Some types of peaches do not and would need other peaches that flower at the same time to provide pollen. Online fruit catalogs provide the information on individual types so you know which ones are self fruitful and for those that are not, the online sites will recommend species that flower at the same time, that should be planted with peaches that are not self pollinating.