Name of the tree

Asked April 23, 2019, 7:28 PM EDT

I have 5 trees that line my driveway. During last week's storm one of them fell down and I need to replace it however I do not know the name of the tree. in the spring, the tree comes out with small, white flowers that turn into green leaves. In about two weeks, the leaves turn burgundy and fall off the tree in the fall. Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciateit.

Talbot County Maryland identification tree

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Your photos were not in focus and we could not identify. Please resubmit and send photos in focus.
We would like to see a branch with leaf arrangement on the stem. We need to see if the leaves are opposite or alternate. Please send clear photos of the flowers (when does it flower?and does it produce berries?), and the whole tree in focus.