These mites appeared overnight. Can you help?

Asked April 23, 2019, 5:52 PM EDT

These appeared in our yard almost overnight. They're smaller than a pinhead and there are millions of them on our railroad ties, pea gravel, planters and siding. They jump around and move very quickly. Vary in shades. Thoughts on what they are? Im getting scared looking at online pics. Hoping they're more like clover mites than bird mites!

Baltimore Maryland

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These appear to be aphids, not mites. The pictures are not very clear and are hard distinguish. Mites will have eight legs and aphids will have six. The light brown picture is a aphid that has been "mummified" which means it has been parasitized by a beneficial wasp. Typically these aphids will go away on their own and no treatment is necessary. Some aphids prefer a particular type of tree or plant, such as the willow aphid. They do not pose any health risk. For more info see: