Tree Dying Branch By Branch

Asked April 23, 2019, 1:09 PM EDT

My peach tree is dying just like my huge Maple trees did two years ago. I am worried whatever killed my maple trees is killing my peach tree and then will attack my other trees. Is there anything I can do? My husband thinks it might be a bug that is in the wood of the dead maple trees that we saved for firewood. Should we remove the old maple tree's wood? My husband put "good" nematodes in our yard about 5 years ago. same time as when the maple trees started to die. Was that a coincidence or could the nematodes be hurting the trees?

Howard County Maryland

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The nematodes will not hurt the tree. The borer that affected the maple tree and the maple wood that is nearby will not infect your peach tree.
In general insect and disease problems are host specific and this is a coincidence.

Peach trees are a challenge to grow in Md. They require careful management and also tend to have the most pest and disease problems and need to be on a strict spray schedule. The tree may also have been subject to poor planting techniques, environmental stresses, poor drainage, etc.

Take a look at our web page on tree fruit, peaches, common problems, and the spray schedule. You will have to be able to identify what you are dealing with. Peach trees can be subject to the peach tree borer, oriental fruit moth, and brown rot disease among others.

We cannot say for sure what you are dealing with. You can send us photos as soon as you see symptoms this growing season.