Lilac Blight

Asked April 23, 2019, 12:50 PM EDT

My lilac bushes have blight. My local extension office in Missouri suggested copper sulfate as per your article on "How to recognize, treat and avoid lilac bacterial blight". I found Copper Sulfate Smart Crystals but I can't find a mixing, dosing, treatment regimen for my bushes that I can understand. Any recommendations on how I can safely measure, mix and apply the copper sulfate to treat the blight and frequency of application? Thank you in advance.

St. Francois County Missouri

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Looks like you purchased crystals for septic systems and the like. That is not labeled for use on plants. Before buying, make sure you read the label and understand its uses. Phyton 27 is one that is labeled for use on lilacs and many other plants. The mixing instructions are very easy to understand. All pesticides must be used according to the label -- it is the law.
Hope this helps.