Identify plants

Asked April 22, 2019, 10:21 PM EDT

New house and unsure of several plants or weeds? 1. Growing under a shrub and looks like a ground cover 2. Creeping in the garden just started blooming yellow flowers 3. Dark color looks like may bloom eventually

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

1. Mayapple, a wonderful native woodland plant.

2. Lesser celandine, a noxious foreign invasive plant. You can easily kill it with an herbicide containing glyphosate (be sure it is not mixed with other ingredients that prolong effects.) Use as little as possible. You must spray when it has leaves so, since it goes dormant in the summer, is now.

Digging up the root tubers to prevent spread is only possible if it is a limited clump where all soil around it can be removed in a big shovelful, too.

3. Assuming this is a herbaceous plant, not a woody plant, this may be a purple-leaved variety of penstemon. While penstemon can be native, the purple-leaved ones have become invasive, so if that's what it is, we'd recommend that you remove it.