How do I dispose of garlic mustard plants I've pulled?

Asked April 22, 2019, 4:00 PM EDT

I live on the border of the Middle Run Natural Area and have left the back part of my back yard in woods and native plants. This year, garlic mustard has overrun that entire 100 x 40 foot area (and into my neighbors' yard as well).The attached photo gives an idea of the infestation. I understand that uprooting is the only real way to prevent seeding and I've started doing that by pulling them up and putting them in old bird-seed bags. (I don't plan to use chemicals.) But what do I do with the plants now that I have them bagged? Is there some place in New Castle County where I can empty the bags for safe disposal?

New Castle County Delaware

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Good afternoon,

There are few drop off sites that will accept yard waste, including leaves.
No bags and no trash mixed in.

Cherry Island Composting / Mulching
12th Street and Hay Rd.
Wilmington DE
DSWA Pine Tree corners Transfer Station
276 Pine Tree Rd.
Townsend DE
Polly Drummond Hill Community Yard Waste Site
Polly Drummond Hill Rd
Newark DE
Open through June 30, 2019 Saturdays and Sundays only
For future reference here is the link to
I hope this helps as you continue to remove your garlic mustard.

Gail Hermenau